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About Nevada Dream Tags

NV Dream Tags raise money for the NV Dream Tag charitable fund at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

You can help raise money for conservation and rehabilitation of Nevada’s Wildlife Habitat by buying NV Dream Tags or by donating directly to the NV Dream Tags through, the Community Foundation of Western Nevada website. Donate to NV DREAM TAGS FUND 

Where the money goes

”All money received by the nonprofit organization from the proceeds of the Dream Tag raffle, less the cost of the Dream Tags purchased by the nonprofit organization and any administrative costs charged by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, must be used for the preservation, protection, management or restoration of game and its habitat, as determined by the Advisory Board on Dream Tags.”

If you have a question you are welcome to call Tracy Turner at Community Foundation of Western Nevada at 775-333-5499. 

How it works

  • Similar to Super Tags, Super Raffles, and “Hunt of Lifetime” in other Western States; open to Nevada residents and non-residents eligible.
  • First purchase a $10 Resource Enhancement Stamp (RES) online or at NDOW offices to “buy-in” to the raffle. Then you can purchase an unlimited number of raffle tickets for $5 each (sold online only).
  • 5 Dream Tag species in 2014 – deer, antelope, desert (Nelson) bighorn sheep, California bighorn sheep and elk.
  • Designate which species you want on each raffle ticket – you can buy as many as you want for as many species as you want.
  • Raffle benefits “the preservation, protection, management, and restoration of game and its habitat, as determined by the Advisory Board on Dream Tags.”
  • The raffle process is online – winners will be notified and names publicized on web.
  •  The more raffle tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning.
  • Buy a Resource Enhancement Stamp and raffle tickets on behalf of your family members and friends, as gifts, for birthdays, etc.
  • Waiting periods do not apply.
  • Raffle winners must be eligible for hunting license to be issued a Dream Tag.
  • Winners who have not purchased a hunting license already will receive a complimentary hunting license – the non-profit organization buys that and the tag for them.
  • Return a drawn tag if you win a Dream tag of same species, and get your bonus points and your tag fee back.
  • Dream Tag winners can hunt anywhere in the state, but still must follow all other rules for weapon class and seasons for that weapon
  • Non-hunters can purchase the $10 Resource Enhancement Stamp as a way to contribute to wildlife.
  • The fees for the Resource Enhancement stamp and raffle tickets are nonrefundable.

End of Year Report

2014 Systems Consultants Year-End Report


Click here to learn about the species, species class, unit groups, season dates, and quotas read CR 14-06

Click here to learn more about how the Dream Tags system works read NRS 502.219

Formation Documents

Dream Tags Formation Documents