Buy Tickets

We couldn’t do it without you!

A hearty “thank you” to all who purchased Dream Tags raffle tickets during our inaugural round. Because of you, $167,000 is going “on the ground” for wildlife habitat restoration and improvement projects. It would NOT have been possible without the Dream Tags program.

Every $5 you spent on a raffle ticket supports these projects, and we have a reserve to address emergency projects as well. Because of you, our Nevada wildlife habitat will receive care so it can sustain the life that calls this land home.

You can purchase MORE Dream Tags raffle tickets now!

Your new Dream Tags tickets will be entered into the 2013 draw for Big Game tags. Buy some now; buy some later. Tell your friends to buy. And consider buying them for holiday and birthday presents! Mule Deer-tag winner Leo McKoen, Jr. from Tulelake, California, received his winning Mule Deer chance from his son as a birthday present. What a great idea!

Help us keep this fabulous program growing.  The wildlife and the land you love need your help.

Thank you, from the Advisory Board on Dream Tags and the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.