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A local boy wins the big one!

This year was an unusual year. I was down for the count with some medical problems and then you folks called me to tell me I had won the Dream Tag.

Wes Mecham with his harvested Bull Rocky Mt. Elk

Wes Mecham’s successful hunt in northeastern Nevada.

From that point on it was all about putting my problem behind me and get hunting.Winning the tag was actually a dream come true.

How often can you tell someone you have been hunting all over the state just to see the reaction you get? I then explain about winning the Dream Tag so no one reports me to  Fish and Game!

Many people helping me during the hunt. My friends were thrilled that I got the tag. I am extremely proud that I was given the opportunity for this hunt.

Everyone I met while hunting was extremely helpful. I hunted from Monitor Valley to area 81, and then some. I ended up harvesting my bull in northeastern corner of the state.

I will absolutely buy more chances for Dream Tags.  You never know, if you do not buy chances you cannot live the Dream!!!!!!!!!!!

What a ride!!! Thank you very much!!!!!

Wes Mecham