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Nevada Big Horns Unlimited Install 7500 Gallon Emergency Water Guzzler

Big Horn Sheep drinking from Nevada Guzzler

Emergency water stored in Guzzlers keep Big Horn herds healthy during drought. 



On July 15, 2012 a 7500 gallon “Guzzler” ( an underground water tank) was dug into the earth to provide emergency water to the Monte Cristo Range Bighorn Sheep.  The project was completed by volunteers from the Nevada Big Horns Unlimited Foundation.

According to Jason Salisbury, Nevada Department of Wildlife Biologist, “Bighorn sheep have been documented within 100 yards of the guzzler,and it is felt that they will start using the guzzler this year. There were no sheep dying of dehydration,the general health of the herd is good,and the lambing ratio is 30%. Wildlife documented using the guzzler included golden eagles, chukar and kit foxes.” Mr.Salisbury stated that even though the bighorn sheep have not used the guzzler yet ,it was vital to have the guzzler in place in the event that the natural  spring dries up.

NBU’s mission is to Protect and enhance Nevada’s wildlife resources for sportsmen, outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts for this and future generations.
NBU volunteers do this through the reintroduction of big game, habitat conservation and improvement, public education and participation, biological and scientific research, and the influence of public policy.”

This Monte Cristo Guzzler project fits our mission precisely, and is one of many habitat improvement projects we have accomplished.
We are very pleased to have the generous contribution of the Dream Tags Charitable Fund to accomplish this goal. Please visit our website at to get a full picture of NBU’s contributions to Nevada’s wildlife and habitat over the past three decades.

 Learn more about Guzzlers and see a video of the Monte Cristo Guzzler being installed. Watch a video of wildlife discovering guzzler water.