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The Nevada Land Trust Reseeding Project Benefits Mule Deer Habitat

Mule Deer in SnowThe NV Dream Tags grant  enabled  the Nevada Land Trust to purchase 23 bags of grass seed to restore critical Mule Deer habitat destroyed in the Washoe Drive Fire. 6 bags were used to drill seed approximately 60 acres of land burned south of Reno. The remaining 19 bags were used to hand broadcast another 57 acres of the same property.

This funding was an important part of a large, multifaceted Master plan designed to restore an 800 acre burned area. It is the first entirely private land based  restoration we have undertaken and we are excited to be able to move  it forward with the help of this grant. We hi the critical seasonal window for seed application and anticipate good results. Getting the seed into the ground before full winter t greatly increased the likelihood of germination and the critical return of mule deer forage and thermal cover.

When  we think of a property owner impacted by a wild fire, we  typically think of a private home on a single lot. One of the casualties of the Washoe Drive Fire was the owner and the property manager of the property locally known as St. James Village.The property is comprised of 2200 acres, a portion of which is currently developed. The fire destroyed 800 of the 2200 acres.The property obviously had commercial value in that much of it has an approved Master Plan for further residential development but on a personal level, Fred Woodside, the property manager, was devastated. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves wildlife. He was deeply saddened to see the loss of animal life and habitat on the property he has traversed daily. When we told him that we had been awarded enough grant money to purchase seed to cover the re-seeding of almost 120 acres, Woodside was elated. He felt that it was a positive sign that the restoration was really going to happen. Thank you for helping us do that!