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“I scheduled my hunt for the last ten days in October to coincide with the rut.”

Guillermo Alarcon – California Big Horn Sheep Dream Tag 2012 – Hunt Story

It was very warm when I flew into Reno, Nevada but a cold front was coming in when my guides, Roy Lerg and Victor Trujillo picked me up the next day. We drove to Orovada where we stayed in a trailer while hunting units 31 and 32.


2012 Dream Tag Winner Guillermo Alarcon

We began our hunt on Monday.

The sheep were concentrated in large groups on the foothills, the rams fighting and chasing ewes in full rut. A few older rams stood on higher ground and seemed hesitant to join the festivities, but eventually they too, joined the fun.

It snowed on us during day three and the sheep scattered and climbed to higher ground.

The hunting procedure was to glass the range from the flat ground or the foothills, then make a stalk on foot up the range when we closed in on a particular ram. We made several of those, beginning the first day. The ram I took on Friday, I stalked both Tuesday and Thursday.

On Friday after we sighted our chosen ram we had to make the stalk almost to the range saddle. The ram crossed 240 yards above us, very close to the skyline, as you can see on the photograph.  I am not a mountain man and was grateful to have got off the shot after making that stalk.

I am grateful a wildlife department biologist was kind enough to inspect my ram in Winnemucca on Saturday so I could catch a flight home to New Mexico the next day. It was a great experience and very happy hunting.

I’ll keep applying as long as I can walk.