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2012 Grant Report – NDOW Reclamation Seed Purchase

Helicopter re-seeding project outside of Elko NV

It only looks like an experiment in Antartica. Re-seeding project outside of Elko NV.

Your $5.00 chance helped turn $50,000 into a lot of seed. The NV Dream Tag fund awarded $50,000 to the Nevada Department of Wildlife to use as needed match money for a much larger reseeding project. NDOW planted the seeds on public lands burned in 2012 wildfires that scorched more than 600,000 acres. Land that is home to our state’s wildlife. Reseeding will help restore areas where primarily sage grouse and mule deer are established and suffering from habitat damage. Seeds were applied through aerial drops and drill seeding efforts.

Your $5.00 NV Dream Tag chance could be your lucky break at a hunt of your lifetime. It is a sure thing for Nevada’s Wildlife.