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2012 Nevada Dream Tag Winners

Here are the winners!

Reno, NV—5 lucky hunters are preparing for their dream hunt in Nevada after winning one of the five Dream Tags in the NV Dream Tags raffle on July 1st.

The NV Dream Tags program was established by the Nevada Legislature in the 2011 session. This year one Dream Tag was available for each of the following species: Mule Deer, Antelope, Desert (Nelson) Bighorn Sheep, California Bighorn Sheep and Elk. The Legislature named the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to administer the Dream Tags Charitable Fund, which is where proceeds from the raffle are deposited.

Wildlife habitat rehabilitation projects will be awarded competitive grants by the NV Dream Tags Fund. Projects may include fire restoration to large areas of the state that have been ravaged by wild fires, water availability for increased herds, and other projects deemed critical by the NV Dream Tags advisory committee.

Dream Tag winners came from inside and outside Nevada.

Name: Leo McKoen, Jr.

Category: Mule deerLeo McKoen, Jr. from Tulelake, California received his winning Mule Deer chance from his son as a birthday present.

Name: Courtland Carbol (Pocatello, Idaho)

Category: Desert Bighorn Sheep

“I am flabbergasted that I actually won. I’m having a hard time getting my mind around this one!” Carbol bought raffle tickets as an extra chance while applying for a Desert Bighorn Sheep tag.

Name: Guillermo Alarcon

Category: California Bighorn Sheep

Guillermo Alarcon of Laredo, Texas has not hunted Bighorn Sheep before. “I’m speechless! This is a dream come true; just speechless! This will be my first time hunting California Big Horn Sheep. I bought the raffle tickets as an extra chance from the website. It was easy to use.”

Name: Wesley Mecham

Category: Elk

Elko, Nevada winner Wesley Mecham won the NV Dream tag for Elk. He is an experienced Elk hunter.

Name: Joseph Woodworth

Category: Antelope

Joseph Woodworth of Las Vegas, Nevada won a Dream Tag after applying for antelope and elk unsuccessfully for years. He will be hunting in the Eureka area for his first time for antelope.