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Bennie Rossetto – Bighorn Hunt of a Lifetime

Bennie Rossetto, 2013 Desert Bighorn Sheep Dream Tag Winner.

Bennie Rossetto, 2013 Desert Bighorn Sheep Dream Tag Winner.

Bennie’s Hunt Story

” After getting the call from Tracy Turner from the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, I immediately called Nick Perchetti (Timberline Outfitters) in Tonopah. I had hunted with his crew for deer and elk and had a deer hunt planned with his nephew, Brian. He was as shocked as I was, and asked his nephew, Mike Perchetti,DVM, to guide me. Mike is a major sheep advocate in Nevada, and volunteers his services on sheep transplants and other sheep projects throughout the state. He guides, scouts,  and photographs big horns as much as anybody. He recruited Joe Maslach, a recently retired game warden, who brought considerable expertise to the hunt.

We hunted the Stonewall unit, then the Bare’s. Terrain varied from desert flats to the rocky pinyon/juniper mountains of the Stonewall, to the rugged wide open  Bare’s. I killed my ram November 23, after stalking and videoing many other rams. We had beautiful weather at first, but ended the hunt in 3 days of brutal wind, rain and sleet.

Mike and Joe were a pleasure to hunt with. I could not have found a better team. Mike’s father-in-law, Ed Speer, who had a Stonewall tag, brought his posse down on the last day to help.

I thank you so much for this opportunity, which completed my FNAWS.  And Yes,  Of course I will continue to buy NV Dream Tag chances.”