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Dreams Do Come True for Five Lucky Hunters

"Holy Smoke! Unbelievable! ", exclaimed Elk hunter Myron Jahner when he learned he won the 2014 NV Dream Tag for Elk."

“Holy Smoke! Unbelievable! “,exclaimed Elk hunter Myron Jahner when he learned he won the 2014 NV Dream Tag for Elk.” 


Five lucky hunters are preparing for their dream hunt in Nevada after winning one of the five tags in the NV Dream Tags raffle on July 1st. The NV Dream Tag program is promoted nationally. 2014 winners reside in California, New Mexico, North Dakota and Nevada.

Claude Sanchez of Albuquerque, New Mexico won the California Bighorn Sheep when one of his 10 $5.00 chances was chosen. He is on his way to becoming a “Grand Slam Hunter” and completing his life list goal.

A self-describe “serious hunter” John Koster from Gardnerville, Nevada won the Antelope tag.

Professional hunt guide, Ronald Lara from Chico, California won the Mule Deer tag. Lara guided the 2013 Dream Tag winner on his successful hunt and purchased his chances to help Nevada’s conservation and wildlife rehabilitation efforts.

Myron Jahner from Baldwin, North Dakota, Elk tag winner was speechless when informed of his good luck. He learned of the NV Dream Tag program through a hunting enthusiast magazine and found it easy to purchase a chance online. He is looking forward to hunting Nevada’s legendary big Elk.

David Cochran from Genoa, Nevada winner of the Desert Bighorn Sheep tag, also purchased his chances as a way to support a “good cause and a great opportunity.”

One Dream Tag was available for each of the following species: Mule Deer, Antelope, Desert (Nelson) Bighorn Sheep, California Bighorn Sheep and Elk. The NV Dream Tags program was established by the Nevada Legislature in the 2011 session. The Legislature named the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to administer the Dream Tags Charitable Fund, which is where proceeds from the raffle are deposited. This year’s raffle brought in more than $300,000 for wildlife habitat rehabilitation projects.

Wildlife habitat rehabilitation projects will be awarded competitive grants by the nonprofit NV Dream Tags Fund. Projects may include fire restoration to large areas of the state that have been ravaged by wild fires, water availability for vulnerable herds, emergency response, and other projects deemed critical by the NV Dream Tags advisory committee. Nonprofit organizations as well as government agencies are welcome to apply for project funding.

Every winner was thrilled to be given the rare opportunity for a hunt of a lifetime. The common reaction was—at first—disbelief and then delight as they realized just how significant their $5 raffle ticket purchase became.  2015 NV Dream Tags will be offered for sale starting September 1st.  Hunters can purchase their chances through official site, For more information about the NV Dream Tags program or to download a grant application for wildlife habitat rehabilitation projects visit