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Hunt Big Game in Nevada for under $20

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Hunt Big Game in Nevada for Under $20
Nevada Department of Wildlife
Nevada Department of Wildlife

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Nevada -( Hunt Big Game in Nevada for Under $20

If hunting a desert bighorn in Nevada is on your bucket list but $1,200 for a nonresident tag is a little out of your price range, you might want to consider taking a shot at the Nevada Dream Tag. At a cost of $15 to start, it’s pretty hard to beat.

The Nevada Dream Tags Program is a raffle that allows resident and nonresident sportsmen a chance at the hunt of a lifetime while also contributing to Nevada’s wildlife habitat.

The tags are similar to other western states’ raffle tags and “hunt of a lifetime” tags. Five dream tags will be awarded in 2015: one for Elk, California Bighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Antelope and Mule Deer. To get started in the raffle first purchase a Resource Enhancement Stamp (RES) for $10. Once you have your stamp, you can purchase an unlimited number of raffle tickets for each species available for only $5 each. You can purchase both the RES Stamp and the raffle tickets at

“The idea that you could win one of these hunts for only $15 is hard to fathom,” said Chris Vasey, outdoor education coordinator for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. “You could purchase chances for all five species and still be under $50. Most sportsmen would pay much more than that for the chance at this hunt.”

The money raised through the sale of the Dream Tags goes directly to desperately needed wildlife habitat rehabilitation. In the past 20 years wildfires in Nevada have ravaged more than 13 million acres of crucial habitat. In only two years, the Nevada Dream TagProgram has been able to donate a close to $600,000 to habitat projects.

One of the best aspects of this raffle is the ability to purchase tickets for your familyand friends. Anyone can go online and purchase their favorite hunter chances at the hunt of alifetime for a birthday, Christmas or any special occasion.

For those not interested in hunting, the Resource Enhancement Stamp can bepurchased by anyone that wants to contribute to the preservation, protection, managementand restoration of game and its habitat.

Tickets for the Nevada Dream Tag raffle are available now and will be sold until June30 for this year’s hunting season. The winners will be announced in early July.For more information on the Nevada Dream Tags program, please visit the website at

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