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Don Hale Successful NV Dream Tag Elk Hunter

Don Hale picked up the notification voicemail on Friday evening and spent all weekend wondering….

He ended up taking Monday off work so he could be sure to call the Community Foundation of Western Nevada and learn the scope of his good news.hale-d-dreamtag-2015

Hale spent 14 days alone bow hunting between Ely and Pioche. 14 days in a one man tent is a long time to come home empty.

Then he went on a rifle hunt out of Tonopah with Guide, Pard Galvin but could not find bulls that were big enough.

Undeterred, Hale tried a Muzzleloader hunt, this time bringing his family in a new 17-foot trailer without success.

Hale is NOT A QUITTER. He hired Guide, Phil Troutsdale, who he met fishing in his hometown in Oregon. They were out three days and saw 20 Super Beastly Bulls. “It was a Fantastic Elk hunting” He shot his Elk from over 600 yards with a 300 Ultramag rifle. His practice paid off.  It took him two days to pack out the Elk.

“I think I won because I bought 20 tickets, then someone emailed me saying there was only 3 days left until the draw. I quickly bought 20 more! I am a blue collar worker and the $5 Dream tag chances let guys like me in on the fun”