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“I am so grateful…”  – Sal Calabrese’s Desert Big Horn Hunt Story

Win a NV Dream Tag and come home with a Nelson Bighorn Sheep Trophy like Sal.I’ m so grateful to the Community Foundation of Western Nevada “NV Dream Tag Fund” for giving me the opportunity to win the hunt of a lifetime.

When the lotto commercials say you only need, “A dollar and a dream” they are not wrong. In my case, it was $20.00 and a huge surprise phone call informing me, “You are the winner of the 2015 Nevada Nelson Desert Sheep Dream Tag!”

What made this trip so special was the fact that my son, Joseph joined me to experience, the search, the chase and the success. This was his first hunt – what a lucky guy. He starts with a Desert Sheep. Hunting together was as rewarding as the beautiful ram I was blessed to harvest.

We had the best outfitters that any hunter could hope for, “Silver State outfitters and guides” Wayne Cronister, Master Guide is a gentleman and a very knowledgeable outfitter. My guides, Colby Egge, and James Bradshaw were relentless; James never allowed me to give up during our two-mile treacherous climb. In the end, the climb was well worth it; and a single shot from my 300 short Mag at 300 yards took down a beautiful B&C trophy.

I’m forever grateful to the State of Nevada for giving residents and non-residents the chance of winning the tag of a lifetime.

Buy your tickets today. I will be buying mine and don’t be surprised if I win the dream tag for a California Big Horn Sheep.

Good Luck.