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Hunt Big Game in Nevada for under $20

Hunt Big Game in Nevada for Under $20 Nevada Department of Wildlife Published on Nevada -( Hunt Big Game in Nevada for Under $20 If hunting a desert bighorn in Nevada is on your bucket list but $1,200 for a nonresident tag is a little out of your price range, you might want to […]

Bennie Rossetto – Bighorn Hunt of a Lifetime

This could be you. Bennie bought his NV Dream Tag chance through the site and said “website is the best. No better in terms of ease, No hassle.”

What are you waiting for? $5.00 chance could win you the hunt of a lifetime!

Read my successful hunt story.

2012 Grant Report – NDOW Reclamation Seed Purchase

Reseeding will help restore areas where primarily sage grouse and mule deer are established and suffering from habitat damage. Seeds were applied through aerial drops and drill seeding efforts.